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Please note that after Hampton Court 2022, we will list all available plants again for mail order. We apologise, that you have had to wait so long for availability. Thankyou.

Plants are usually dispatched on Mondays and Tuesdays, so bear this in mind when ordering. Deliveries within the U.K. usually take three to five days to arrive after they have been dispatched.
Sadly because United Kingdom is no longer part of The European Community we are currently unable to dispatch plants to countries outside of the United Kingdom due to export/import restrictions and the extra costs associated. However we hope to review that situation shorty.

Why we offer plants for sale 


The income from plant sales is used to support the development and maintenance of the collection.

We offer a wide range of cultivars for sale, but only in small numbers. This is in the hope that more people will see the virtues of this incredible Genera and want to plant/grow them, thus ensuring that many unique plants  are not just housed in a collection but shared with others.   

All plants are propagated by us by grafting scion material from plants in the National Collection.

We do not send out any plants until they are well established in their containers (as Ginkgo resent root disturbance).  Our plants are supplied in AirPots. Play the video below to understand why we use them.


















A dwarf plant will be typically 30- 45 cm high and an upright growing plant 60 - 90 cm high at the time of dispatch. (However this may vary depending on the cultivar, some will be smaller, others may be larger.)


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For further information and to order, click on an image, please note: 'Quick View' does not provide full information about each plant.