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Ginkgo biloba 9 cm potplant height 15 to 20 cm.


The Ginkgo biloba is a Chinese native which dates back to over 210 million years ago, to a time before dinosaurs roamed the plant.

This tree is a deciduous conifer, it has two-lobed, fan-shaped leaves which are known for their exceptionally bright gold autumn colour. Male specimens have yellow catkins in spring, whereas the females have small flowers and produce the fruit.  The growth rate varies from 30 - 60 cm a year. It will eventually become quite large.


Ginkgoes are extremely long lived with the oldest recorded individuals being 4,000 years old! They have been widely used in Chinese and now in western medicine. The leaves are used in herbal remedies to treat Alzheimer's, Dementia and other diseases and cognitive ailments.

Ginkgo biloba 9cm deep pot 15/20cm high

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