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Ginkgo biloba seed


Propagation instructions


Option 1, sow in the autumn outdoors

So wthe seed on a prepared seedbed, or in trays and pots of good quality compost.  Cover lightly (protect from rodents) and it will usually germinate freely in spring.


Option 2, sow in December (for germination in March) in a ziplock bag.

Mix with a  60/40 mix of damp peat and sand. Place into a zip lock freezer bag and write the date on it. Close the bag and put into a warm place at 15-200c (room temperature is fine) for approx. 4 weeks. (keep an eye on the seed as some may germinate during this stage). Then place the bag into a fridge at 4 degrees centigrade for 8 weeks. During both the warm and cold pre-treatments, it is important that the peat/sand mix does not dry out. At the end of the 12 weeks of pre-treatment the seeds are ready to sow, which should germinate freely.



10 Ginkgo biloba seeds

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