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Ginkgo biloba & Cultivars

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This site is dedicated to the genera Ginkgo; species biloba; recognised cultivars and the many new introductions.



This National Collection was started by Tony Davies shortly after a colleague bought him a present of Ginkgo biloba 'Tit' as a joke! It led him to buy several other plants. As a keen plantsman an interest in this fascinating genera was awoken. The collection is currently housed in a domestic garden, however the ultimate aim is to find the collection a permanent home 'in the ground'.


The majority of the plants are currently being grown in special containers, Air-Pots. This is to ensure that they develop healthy root systems in readiness for planting in the future.


There are two open days each year. These are publicised by the National Council for the Conservation of Garden Plants & Gardens. However, it is possible to visit at other times but this is strictly by appointment only. If you would like to visit please contact Tony Davies personally by email, to discuss a suitable date and time.


Contact details:


Email: tonydavies@bestinhorticulture.co.uk

The National Collection

The National Collection currently consists of over 225 cultivars. Research has shown that there may well be in excess of 325 distinct cultivars, with more being discovered collected, propagated and introduced by enthusiasts. Only time will tell if some truly deserve recognition as 'Cultivars' in their own right.

This collection has been certified by the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens (NCCPG) in 2017. The Council exists to conserve, document and make available the cultivated plants of Great Britain and Ireland.

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About the collection holder


Tony Davies Mhort(RHS), DipHort(Dist), SCD(HONS), DipRSA, CertED, FCI Hort.

lectured in business planning and development at Sparsholt College

and went on to be the Learning Manager in charge of Horticulture.

He is the former Head of Horticulture at Warwickshire College (Pershore College).


A professional horticulturist for many years, he has run a number of commercial

enterprises, specialising in ornamental nursery stock production and horticultural retail.


As an educationalist, he has worked with a selection of Awarding Bodies; City & Guilds and EDEXCEL, as well as the Royal Horticultural Society as an examiner and in developing qualifications. He is a highly qualified instructor delivering a wide range of horticultural skills and a registered City and Guilds NPTC Assessor for pesticides, machinery and equipment.


Tony is a career horticulturist. He is passionate about horticultural education and training, and is keen to share his expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm with anyone who wants to learn about the diverse world of horticulture.


He is currently a Director of the B.E.S.T. in Horticulture Group; two companies delivering face to face, distance, blended and consolidated learning (but has retired from teaching). He is also the National Collection holder of Ginkgo biloba and Cultivars.

Logo - Ginkgo Leaf.jpg
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Logo - Ginkgo Leaf.jpg
Logo - Ginkgo Leaf.jpg

Our aims

Primary aims

  • to conserve, document and make available Ginkgo biloba, established cultivars and new introductions.

  • carry out research and development into alternative methods of vegetative plant propagation.

  • propagate established cultivars, new introductions and selections worthy of dissemination.

Secondary aims

  • amass a reference collection for use by academics, professionals and enthusiasts.

  • produce a definitive database recording the history and development of the collection.

  • publish a book charting the introduction of established cultivars and new introductions.

Tertiary aims

  • find a secure permanent home for the collection, where the plants can mature.

  • develop a sustainable enterprise capable of providing long term financial support to the collection.

  • routinely propagate new plants from seed using diverse sources and evaluate the offspring for their potential               ornamental or commercial properties.

Examples of a very new introductions, which may prove worthy of dissemination.










 (Left) Ginkgo biloba (Leather Green). (Right) Ginkgo biloba (Pantaloons)

Our grateful thanks to Mr. Charles Hunter, USA, for the scions of these potentially interesting cultivars.

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