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Technically this should be listed as Ginkgo biloba 'Variegata Group' as there are many distinct clones.


Ginkgo biloba 'Variegata' is a compact female from Japan. The variegation varies considerably from year to year and you have to be patient. Some years there is hardly any variegation and then miraculously the next year the plant may be almost entirely variegated. When the variegation appears the leaves are striking; some leaves are completely cream, some half green and cream, others are completely striped. Ginkgo biloba 'Variegata' is a compact form that can attain a height of 3 m, with a similar spread depending on how its grown.


In the National collection of Ginkgo biloba and Cultivars, we have the following variegated clones:


Ginkgo biloba 'Variegata' from Bluebell Arboretum - A good variegated specimen which can be incredibly variable from The Bluebell Arboretum, Annwell Lane, Smisby, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, United Kingdom. LE65 2TA


Ginkgo biloba 'Variegata Searles' - an American female selection.


Ginkgo biloba 'Variegata Tomszak' - a male Polish selection from the nursery "Tomszak". Otoczna, 43-502 Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland.


Please note: Plants do not always exhibit variegation and you may recive a plant that does not show any signs of variegation, but it should in time given the correct growing condions. Do not grow this cultivar in shade, the best variegation occurs in full sun, but if it has a high proportion of all cream leaves they can scortch in sun. The best comprimise is to gow the plant in dappled light, under the protection of larger trees. Many sources advise pruning out shoots that are green, this is not advised as they may exibit variegation another season, however if one shoot starts to be clearly dominat and much more vigerous than the other this may have reverted and should be removed.



Ginkgo biloba 'Variegata'

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