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It is a relatively new male cultivar. It has been widely cultivated in the Netherlands and it is often claimed to be of Dutch origin, in fact it originated from Japan, from which it was imported into the United States of America under the name Ginkgo biloba 'Frosty' circa 2010.

The stunning variegated foliage does not appear to be subject to reversion. New growth consistently emerges a soft cream which develops yellow tones and then matures to a more defined green with varying white blotches and streaks. However, some leaves may never green out, but remain cream coloured. Although ginkgoes are tough by nature, siting of this plant is critical. Too much intense sun can burn variegated parts, and too deep of shade can lead to more green foliage. In the autumn, the plant will glow as the leaves turn bright yellow before dropping. Since it is such a new introduction, its ultimate size is not certain. However, its lack of chlorophyll due to its degree of variegation is expected to restrain its growth. It probably will assume a more shrub-like form of less than 3m height in 10 years.

Ginkgo biloba 'Snow Cloud'

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