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Ginkgo biloba 'Snake' was selected by Stan Tyson as a very distinct seedling from a batch growing in Springfield, Illinois in the United States of America around 1980. It was selected because of its unusual leaf shape and habit. It now grows in The Nauvoo Collection in Hancock County, Illinois, United States of America. Our grateful thanks to Mr Charles Hunter, Iowa, United States of America for introducing us to this selection.


DescriptionGinkgo biloba ‘Snake’ the leaves are very much like the species but have a deeper lobe and some serrations. The annual rate of growth is 30 cm to 40 cm. The overall habit is strongly upright with a central leader. It is sparsely branched; the branches sweep downwards and twist in odd directions. In 2020 the tree was 9 m high with a spread of 5 m. It reliably produces outstanding autumn colour.

Ginkgo biloba 'Snake'

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