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Ginkgo biloba 'Santa Cruz' syn. 'Umbrella'. There does seem to be some confusion surrounding this plant (or should that perhaps be plants?) Once considered to be a male plant is female. It is suggested that it was a selection made by Van Renssaler at The Saratoga Horticulture Foundation, California in the United Sates of America from a tree growing in Santa Cruz, California. (Ref (EH Scanion & associates, Olmstead Falls, Ohio, Trees Mag. 19 (2): 2, 1959) Street tree). However, the plant known as Ginkgo biloba ‘Umbrella’ is suggested to have been an introduction from J.C. Bakker & Sons, 1360 Third Street Louth, St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 6P9, Canada in 2003. The question should be is this a case of inappropriate remaining of an existing cultivar (which is what we think is likely) or is Ginkgo biloba ‘Umbrella’ a distinct cultivar. We have plants of both cultivars in The National Collection of Ginkgo biloba and Cultivars, initially they look very similar, but it too early to say with certainty.


Description Ginkgo biloba 'Santa Cruz' syn. 'Umbrella' produces foliage which can be somewhat variable. It is notable for the distinct branch structure produced at an early age. Initially upright in growth, then spreading in habit, hence the common name 'Umbrella Ginkgo'.  The rate of growth is 40 cm a year. Expect a tree to attain a hight of 4 m in 10 year. It turns a rich golden yellow in the autumn.

Ginkgo biloba ‘Santa Cruz’ Syn. ‘Umbrella’ Note

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