Ginkgo biloba 'Rocky' originates from the U.S.A. This exceptional dwarf was introduced by the late Bill Janssen of Collectors Nursery, which is located in the southwest corner of Washington State. It has small slightly bluish leaves and the branches spread conspicuously horizontally away from the main stem. By mid-summer the plants develop a pale yellow edging that persists into autumn until the leaves develop full autumn colour and drop. This transition of foliage color is quite attractive and certainly a most unique feature in a Ginkgo.  Leaf size is about 8 cm and its annual growth rate is 10 to 20 cm. We expect this relitivly new cultivar to be 90 cm high and 1.2 m wide in 10 years. This is an appealing plant and is well suited to growing in a container. 

Ginkgo biloba 'Rocky'