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Ginkgo biloba 'Robbie's Twist' syn. ‘Robbins Twist’ is a male form from The United Sates of America found by Crispin De Silva in his own seedling production house at the Nursery of Gary Handy 10702 SE McCreary Lane, Boring, Oregon 97009, The United States of America.


One of the plants in the National collection of Gibkbo biloba and cultivrs, has produced atypical foliage, and does not exhibit any twisting of the stems. Propagation form that cultivar has been discontinued.


Description - The leaves on this plant are deeply divided, often grey-green in colour. The branches occasionally twist to give a distinct outline to this regularly branched upward growing form . The overall appearance of the tree is wider than it is high, 3 m in 10 years. Autumn colour is quite good, being a rich butter yellow.



Ginkgo biloba 'Robbie's Twist' Syn. Robins Twist'

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