Ginkgo biloba 'Pyramis' we belive is an introduction from Hungary, however some sources consider it to be syn. with 'Pyramidalis' which is a male form introduced in 1969 originating from the U.S.A.  (There is a good specimen of this tree to be found growing at The Holden Arboretum, Mentor, Ohio. it is an upright tree with a good pyramidal shape. Height is expected to be in excess of 12 m, with a spread of approximatley 8 m at the base).  The are some similarites in respect of habit between 'Pyramis' and 'Pyramidalis' however on the specimens we have in the National collection the folage is quite different, the leaves are striking, often needle shaped. This slender growing variety may reach a height of up  12-15 m with a narrow crown. We hope in time to solve this confusion with DNA testing.

Ginkgo biloba 'Pyramis'