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Ginkgo biloba 'Pyramidalis' is a male form, formally introduced in 1969 originating from The United States of America. Once again, the name should be invalid as it is being applied to a plant post 1959, nevertheless it very much exists under the name. It was introduced into the trade by John Vermeulen & Sons, New Jersey, United Sates of America appearing in their catalogue in 1963. There is a good specimen of this tree to be found growing at The Holden Arboretum, 9550 Sperry Rd, Kirtland, Ohio in The United States of America.


Description The foliage is attractive, bilobed with a crenate edge. The growth rate can be fast up to 60 cm (in nursery conditions) The plant produces a central leader, initially the lateral branches are lax, almost semi- weeping. But with age the tree becomes more upright with a good pyramidal shape. Height is expected to be more than 12 m, with a spread of approximately 8 m at the base.

Ginkgo biloba ' Pyramidalis'

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