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The parent tree of Ginkgo biloba ‘Patio Umbrella, was a wide branching female, flat topped specimen of Ginkgo biloba which measured 7 m high with an average canopy width of 17m. it grew in Keokuk’s Rand Park, a 57 acre site with a Mississippi River vista, accessible by Grand Avenue, Keokuk, Iowa, The United States of America. It was well named by Keith Guess of Keokuk, Iowa. In June or July of 2015, a windstorm brought down half of a 25 m Tilia americana near the’ Patio Umbrella’.  Minor damage was done to Patio Umbrella with 10-20% damage. The Park Director, Gary Stepp, used the opportunity to fell the ‘Patio Umbrella’ off just above the ground.  (He had previously stated publicly that he hates Ginkgo trees and will not be happy until all Ginkgoes, both male and female, are eliminated from the Park. Prior to its demise, seedlings of Patio Umbrella had shown several mostly stable genetic variations, therefore the loss is more keenly felt by fellow Ginkgophiles and collectors in that area.


Description Ginkgo biloba ‘Patio Umbrella’ has foliage which is typical of the species. The annual rate of growth is 45 cm - 60 cm. It grows upwards and spread quickly outwards producing a young plant with spreading habit.

Ginkgo biloba 'Patio Umbrella'

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