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Ginkgo biloba ‘Nelleke’ is purported to come from Oudenbosch, North Brabant in the Netherlands. The likely source is the Botanical Garden and Arboretum at Achter Het Postkantoor 1, 4731 PM Oudenbosch, Netherlands where there is a substantial specimen.


DescriptionGinkgo biloba ‘Nelleke’ has entire leaves unlike the straight species. The rate of growth is  40 cm – 60 cm.  When young the plant exhibits and open almost weeping habit, the branches clear hanging downwards, however if a dominant shoot is supported it becomes more upright. It is suggested that it is similar in habit to Ginkgo biloba ‘Horizontalis’ if allowed to grow unsupported it will attain a height and spread of 2m – 3 m in 10 years. The overall size is not known.

Ginkgo biloba 'Nelleke'

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