Ginkgo biloba 'Munchkin' is one of three selections made by Gary Handy from varients of  'Chris's Dwarf', which has shown some instability in cultivation. (The other two are Mighty Munchkin' and 'Munchkinot'). 'Munchkin' was etsbalished by him to keep the charatersistics that 'Chris's Dwarf' originally was supposed to have true to type and form, Therefore if  a 'Chis's Dwarf' does, it could then legitimatley be considered synonymous.  It is a male form, very slow growing . The plant has open growth with a lot of slender branches giving it a dwarf shrubby habit. The branches are clothed in very small leaves which are arranged closly together. Expect a hight and spread of less than 2 m in 10 years. 

Ginkgo biloba 'Munchkin' (syn. true 'Chris's Dwarf')