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Ginkgo biloba 'Menhir' MENHIR® (Also known under the trade designation as Ginkgo biloba GoGo™) originates from The Netherlands and it was introduced into the trade by T. Wezelenburg Handelskwekerijen B.V. Laag Boskoop 4, 2771 GW Boskoop, The Netherlands circa 2010, introduced to the market after careful observation by the royalist Saphò in 2013. The sex of this plant is not yet confirmed, but it is sometimes listed as male.


Description - The foliage is smaller than the species with irregular lobes, more blue green in colour, making it quite attractive. It is strong growing with an upright habit; however the shoots are thinner than the species, giving it a more delicate appearance. The growth rate is 30cm - 45cm a year, In 10 years a typical specimen will be 3m plus in height with a spread of 0.5m. It is suggested that it will eventually reach a height of 12 m with a spread of up to 7 m suggesting that it will become much broader with age. In the autumn it turns a rich golden yellow.

Ginkgo biloba 'Menhir' MENHIR®

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