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Whist some sources state categorically that Ginkgo biloba ‘Maytown’ is synonymous with Ginkgo biloba ‘Mayfield’ there is a question mark in respect of that statement.

Ginkgo biloba 'Maytown’ is a male selection originating from the U.S.A as does Ginkgo biloba ‘Mayfield’, but the precise origins are a mystery.


Description -  Ginkgo biloba Maytown' is described as a large columnar tree, the foliage being typical of the species (meaning that it is bilobed, ‘Mayfield’ is entire). The growth rate is 30 cm to 40cm again like ‘Mayfield’. Many sources suggest that it will reach a height of 5m with a spread of 1.2 in 10years, once gain not too far removed from that of ‘Mayfield’. Ginkgo biloba ‘Maytown’ is famous for its autumn colour, yet another coincidence?

Ginkgo biloba 'Maytown' ? Syn. 'Mayfield'

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