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Ginkgo biloba ‘Mascia’ this translates to ‘Male’. This cultivar originates from Italy and was purchased in France by The Dutch Nursery Van den Berk from which I was lucky enough to receive some scion material (my grateful thanks to Jaqueline Van den Berk, who took time to make it happen) to graft a plant to add to the National Collection of Ginkgo biloba  & Cultivars.


Description - Ginkgo biloba ‘Mascia’, this variety has a very slim, columnar habit, with typical branch distribution and upward-pointing branches. The foliage is typical of the species. The annual growth rate is 45 cm to 60 cm. In 10 years it would be expected that a tree of this cultivar would be 5m – 6 m high with a spread of 1.5 m. However it would become broader with age.

Ginkgo biloba 'Mascia'

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