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This is a new pyramidal cultivar was found in 1999 as a seedling on the nursery of Jo De Martelaer in Belgium. It was selected because of its shape and form. It is particularly suited to container growing as a specimen plant and the producers suggest that it can be lightly trimmed.


Description - Ginkgo biloba 'Maarten Ost - Conica Clair de Lune' (‘JDM001’) PBR. It produces a straight trunk with short lateral branches that produces a neat compact pyramid  at an early age. The annual growth rate is 20cm. The foliage is green, tinged with blue/grey which turns a golden yellow in autumn and is retained longer than many other Ginkgoes. It suggested that it will reach a height of 5m - 6 m. whilst the width is not given it is anticipated that it will be 2m - 3m at the base.

Ginkgo biloba 'Maarten Ost - Conica Clair de Lune' (‘JDM001’) PBR

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