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Ginkgo biloba ‘Little Joe’, ? Syn. ‘Joe’s Dwarf’ is a relatively new male variety that was discovered by Mr. Josef Hahnl ; Chorherrn Bezirk Tulln; Tulburgerstraße ; Österreich Nähe Wien, Austria. It is a cultivar selected from seedlings by Josef Hahnl. Like many other of his cultivars the seedlings were grown from seeds of the old Ginkgo tree cultivated in the Schönbrunn castle in Vienna, Austria (Please see the cultivar named Ginkgo biloba ‘Schönbrunn’).


Josef Hahnl has named four other cultivars: Ginkgo biloba ‘Adam’, Ginkgo biloba ‘Ben’ , Ginkgo biloba ‘Hoss’ and Ginkgo biloba ‘Hop-Sing’. All named after the main characters in the American western television series, the Bonanza (1959-1973). The show is set in the 1860s and it follows the adventures of Ben Cartwright and his sons living near Virginia City in Nevada, in The United States of America. This cultivar was named after the film character, Joseph "Little Joe" Cartwright, the youngest sons of Ben Cartwright


Description - Ginkgo biloba ‘Little Joe’, Syn. ‘Joe’s Dwarf’ has particularly small leaves, as little as 2.5 cm up to 5 cm across that are arranged circularly arranged around the stems. The outer leaf margins are typically multilobed with lobes being rounded and relatively regular. Leaves are arranged densely on the shoots. The plant tends to form long branches which must be pruned to keep the compact crown shape. If the apical part is not pruned the plants may produce peculiar columnar forms reaching over three meters in several years (see  photo). The plant tends to occasionally produce diploid buds with larger-than-normal leaves. This tendency but seem generally weaker than in many other haploid cultivars.

Ginkgo biloba 'Little Joe' ? Syn. ‘Joe’s Dwarf’

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