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This cultivar originated at The Verkade Nursery, 43 Bloomsbury Rd, Asbury, New Jersey. 08802, U.S.A. before 2005 and is presumably named after the owner ‘Jerry Verkade’


Description - Ginkgo biloba ‘Jerry Verkade’, sex unknown, is a variegated cultivar. The leaves tend to be semi-circular, however there are some that re divided. The variegation can quite be strong in some leaves and shoots, almost totally creamy white, but then in others the variegation is weak or even non-existent. Growth on parts of the plant are slow, other parts which are not hampered by variegation grow stronger, up to 30cm a year. Some suggestions state this cultivar can attain 8m -10m in height and spread. We think that is unlikely, however, in 10 years it should attain a height and spread of  no more than 2.5 - 3.0m


Ginkgo biloba ‘Jerry Verkade’

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