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Ginkgo biloba 'Hipokrates' is a Polish cultivar selected by Professor Stanisława Korszun  at the Department of dendrology and Nursery at the University of Life Sciences in Poznań, Poland. It was registered in Poland in 2003. What distinguishes it, is that it is strong growing and high in ginkoflavono-glycosides in the leaves (containing over 1.52%). Together with the high content of ginkoflavono-glycosides make it a prime candidate for leaf production intended for pharmaceutical use.


DescriptionGinkgo biloba 'Hipokrates'. The leaves differ from the straight species by being usually entire, although some leaves have been found on the plant in the National Collection of Ginkgo biloba and Cultivars with bi-lobed leaves. It is a strong growing cultivar, producing up to 60cm of growth a year. Height in 10 years up to 5m plus with a spread of 2m - 3m.

Ginkgo biloba 'Hippokrates'

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