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No information can be found that appertains to the origin of this plant to date. 


DescriptionGinkgo biloba ‘Heterophylla’.  form  the Greek heterophyllus meaning ‘different leaves. Never was a cultivar more accurately named (Forgetting the rules retaining to not using botanical Latin for cultivar names ((unless before 1959)). The cultivar is characterised by the fact that in addition to completely ‘normal’ looking leaves (typical of the species) 6cm across, it also has needle-like long leaves, as can be found on cultivars such as Ginkgo biloba ‘Thelma’ and Ginkgo biloba ‘Mutant Weeper’ The annual growth rate is approximately 20cm. It tends to have a weeping habit, and no distinct leader, however if there is reversion present it grows more upright.

Ginkgo biloba 'Hetrophylla'

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