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There are two large Ginkgo biloba (considered to be male) outside the front of Gresham High School 1200 N Main Avenue, Gresham, (Multnomah County), Oregon 97030, United States. One of them is the mother tree of this named cultivar. It was propagated and made available to the trade circa 1998 by Gary Handy of Handy’s Nursery, 10702 SE McCreary Lane, Boring, Oregon 97009, The United States of America. According to Garry Handy ‘It is likely they are male types from way back, since they are similar in habit, but it was so long ago nobody knows what the cultivar was.  Having said that, they could be synonymous with a male selection but that would have to have been one from over 60 years ago’. It would appear that Ginkgo biloba ‘Gresham’ may not be a cultivar in its own right. Perhaps that mystery is another for DNA testing?


Description - Ginkgo biloba 'Gresham’ has foliage typical of the species. It is said that this is a slow growing Ginkgo, but that is difficult to substantiate, figures quotes are 20cm - 40cm. What makes this tree significant is, its habit, it has wide outstretched branches that are almost horizontal. The specimen is currently 10m high with an impressive  spread of 15m.

Ginkgo biloba 'Gresham'

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