Ginkgo biloba 'Chinski Pendula' is sometimes listed as 'Chinese Pendula' syn.  KAZIMIERZ WIELKI BARANOW®  originates from Poland and is a recent introduction. It is a variety that is like Ginkgo biloba 'Horizontalis' in habit only.


Description - Ginkgo biloba ‘Chinski Pendula’ syn. KAZIMIERZ WIELKI BARANOW® is a female. It has attractive foliage; the leaves are usually deeply incised. It is most often top-worked creating small, attractive trees with slightly drooping branches. This practice results in the trees developing a wide, umbrella-like crown. A spread of 2 m should be expected in 10 years (the overall height will be dependent on the height of ‘working’).

Ginkgo biloba 'Chinski Pendula' Syn. 'Kazimierz Wielki Baranow'