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Ginkgo biloba 'Chase Manhattan' Syn.  ‘Bon’ (sometimes incorrectly called ‘Bon’s Dwarf’ as it is not a true dwarf cultivar) it was discovered by the late J. Bon Hartline, of Anna, Illinois, U.S.A. The original specimen is still growing at the family home in the driveway. Stan Tyson reports “I saw the original in 1994, in Bon Hartline’s garden. It was over 10m tall. It looked like a power pole with some fairly short side branches. There were reversions on it” This is said to be a primarily a haploid cultivar with the reversions being dihaploid. (Dihaploid refers to a haploid cell in which its nucleus contains two copies of the set of chromosomes. For instance, haploids of tetraploid species are called dihaploid. A dihaploid occurs as a result of the spontaneous or induced chromosome doubling in haploid cells during embryogenesis).


Description - Ginkgo biloba  ‘Chase Manhattan’  Syn. 'Bon' is described as a dense, compact male cultivar. The growth rate can be quite slow with only 10cm - 15cm to be expected each year. The leaf size is approximately 10 to 15% of that of a typical Ginkgo. The foliage is darker green than normal and is slightly arched and toothed.  A plant is expected to grow to approximately 0.75m in 10 years, the overall height will exceed10m and spread is expected to be in the regions of 5m.

Ginkgo biloba 'Chase Manhattan' syn. 'Bonn's Dwarf'

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