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The Cave Hill Cemetery is a 1.20 km² Victorian-era National Cemetery and Arboretum located on 701 Baxter Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. The tree that gives rise to the cultivar of that name resides there. It was planted in 1830, eighteen years before the area was dedicated as a cemetery. The tree has a height and spread in excess of 30m and the circumference of the trunk exceeds 6m .


The tree at Cave Hill is a male except about ten years ago just one branch mutated to female – so almost the whole of the tree produces male flowers except for one small part which carries female flowers and then fruits.


AcknowledgementCave Hill Cemetery Website, Ginkgo biloba ‘Cave Hill’

Recently has scion material of this magnificent specimen been sent to the National Collection of Ginkgo biloba and Cultivars. It is too early to describe details of the foliage, the habit when juvenile, or the gender.

Ginkgo biloba 'Cave Hill'

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