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This selection has come from Mr. Charles Hunter from Iowa in The Unted Sates of America.  He sent it to me stating “I went ahead and cut a couple scions for you of 'Butterfly Bud'.  I've not listed or mentioned it previously buy it seems to me to have merit. To me, it seems to better resemble a butterfly more than, say, 'Jade Butterflies'”. This has been propagated and we are monitoring the young plants for stability. So far, the foliage has been variable.


Description - Foliage can look very similar to that of the wing of a butterfly, especially when the edges of the leaf take on a yellow hue. The growth rate seemes to be farily vigerous, up to 60 cm a year in nursery conditions. That would suggest that the plant could attain somewhere in the regions of 5 m in 10 years. At present the exact growth habit cannont be decerened, it seems to be upright then lax. 

Ginkgo biloba (Butterfly Bud)

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