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Ginkgo biloba ‘Belle Bell’. It is one of three Ginkgo’s  that exhibit cup shaped leaves in the Nauvoo Collection, located in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, in The United States of America. This form was selected from seed collected by Stan from a tree growing in a park in Springfield Illinois (which as subsequently been cut down). Ginkgo biloba ‘Belle Bell’ is the smallest of the cup-shaped-leafed Ginkgo seedlings from a planting made 30 years ago.. Our plant originated from scion material kindly provided by Mr. Charles Hunter.


Description - Ginkgo biloba 'Belle Bell’. It has cup leaves that hang like bells, hence the name ‘Belle Bell’. Yet no indication can be given as to the growth habit of the plant. It grows 30 cm a year suggesting a having and possible spread of 3m in 10 years. One of the issues reported by Stan Tyson is “They have a distinct problem of burning on the upper 1/3rd of the leaf in late summer. I do not know of this is cultural, a nutrient deficiency, or a genetic problem”.

Ginkgo biloba 'Belle Bell'

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