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Whilst Ginkgo biloba ‘Aureovariegata’ bears a Latin cultivar name which is not thought to have been published before 1959, which is an infringement of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature and therefore is not accepted. However it does exist within the trade.


Ginkgo biloba Aureovariegata’ is a distinct clone with striking yellow variegation in broad bands on the foliage. It is a bushy form capable of reaching a height of 6m - 8m, has striking yellow stiff leaves. Occasionally, however, green shoots appear, which may need to be cut away as they overgrow the striped leaves.


Reversion is sadly a typical trait in many of the variegated cultivars and ‘all green’ shoots should be removed. However, in some cultivars grown in the National Collection of Ginkgo biloba & Cultivars they seem to have years when the plant as little variegation and others when good variegation is exhibited. Therefore, I am reluctant to recommend this as a course of action unless the green shoot becomes very dominant and fails to produce any variegation.


There is a sport of this cultivar;  ‘Aureovariegata Green", which only develops colourful leaves in later years. However, this is rarely listed and may well be an attempt to market an inferior plant, one which is prone to reversion.

Ginkgo biloba ‘Aureovariegata’

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