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This variety is said to be originally from China and was first introduced into the trade from France in 2012. There is some debate in the Ginkgo world as to whether the cultivar Ginkgo biloba ‘Ulrich’s Gold’ and this plant are the same, only DNA testing will settle it.


It has only yellow leaves and therefore grows very slowly due to the lack of chlorophyll. The foliage of this Ginkgo are easily damaged by wind or scorched by hot sun sunlight; therefore, it is essential to grow it in partial shade and out of harmful winds.


Ginkgo biloba Allgold’. The sex has not yet been determined. It is a slow growing plant which tends to be more shrub like in appearance. The new foliage emerges as a fresh light yellow, which as time progresses turns greener in colour. Growth tends to be 20cm to 30cm a year in favourable conditions, therefore a height of 3m and spread of 2m -3m can be expected in 10 years.

Ginkgo biloba ‘All Gold’ (? Syn. Ginkgo biloba ‘Ulrich’s Gold)

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