Ginkgo seed - How to pre-treat and germinate seed of Ginkgo.


Option 1, sow in the autumn outdoors (protect from rodents) and it will usually germinate freely in spring.


Option 2, sow in the autumn, mix with a  60/40 mix of damp peat and sand. Place into a zip lock freezer bag and write the date on it. Close the bag and put into a warm place at 15-200c (room temperature is fine) for approx. 4 weeks. Then place the bag into a fridge at 40c for 8 weeks. During both the warm and cold pre-treatments, it is important that the peat/sand mix does not dry out. At the end of the 12 weeks of pre-treatment the seeds are ready to sow.


Sow the seed at no more than twice the depth of the seed, do not allow it dry out during germination.

Ginkgo biloba (100 seeds)


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